Transgender Awareness Week, 2022

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This week, 13–19 November, is Transgender Awareness Week. Here is a précis of major international and Australian events since the last Transgender Awareness Week.

On 10 February 2022, Senator Claire Chandler of Tasmania introduced the Sex Discrimination and Other Legislation Amendment (Save Women’s Sport) Bill 2022 (Cth), which would have barred trans women from participating in correctly gendered sports with other women, and forced them to compete against stronger and faster cis men instead.

On 21 May, Australia had a federal election. Several candidates were openly anti-trans, with at least one prominent NSW Liberal candidate, Katherine Deves, being a career anti-trans activist (Wilson, 2022). Labor leader, now prime minister, Anthony Albanese, made some remarks in the media about trans issues which attracted criticism for being transphobic (Iqbal, 2022).

On 16 June, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) — the international governing body for professional cycling — announced a new policy which significantly tightened restrictions on trans women’s participation in professional cycling (Leggett, 2022). The policy is perceived as having intentionally targeted a single British trans woman cyclist, Emily Bridges (BBC Sport, 2022).

On 17 June, the Australian Greens Victoria (AGV) removed their new Convenor, Linda Gale, because she had been elected in an irregular and rule-breaking way that protected her (Baj, 2022b) from having AGV members find out she was a vocal anti-trans activist (Baj, 2022a).

On 20 June, the International Swimming Federation (Fédération Internationale de Natation, FINA) announced a new policy which effectively excluded trans women from competing in professional swimming (“FINA votes to restrict,” 2022).

The conditions under which the FINA Extraordinary Congress passed the policy have been scrutinised — apparently delegates were only allowed to see the 24-page policy 15 minutes before they were made to vote on it (Holmes, 2022). The policy is also perceived as having intentionally targeted a single trans woman swimmer, Lia Thomas (Newberry, 2022).

On 24 June, the Supreme Court of the United States decided Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, overturning Roe v. Wade, the legal precedent which guaranteed abortion access throughout the United States. As well as targeting cis women, the ruling also caused significant new problems and dangers for trans people who can give birth (Rummler, 2022).

In a separate concurrence, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas — who is, incidentally, the subject of lingering and unresolved allegations of corruption (Barnes & Marimow, 2022; Pilkington, 2022; Tomasky, 2022) — proposed that the ruling in Dobbs also provided grounds to overturn several other precedents of the same “substantive due process” type, including:

all of which will have knock-on effects on trans people (for example, if their hormones are considered contraceptives, or if they can’t get legal gender recognition and therefore their straight relationships and marriages are considered gay under the law).

On 19 July, the UK Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People (“Cass Review”) issued a recommendation (Cass, 2022) to NHS England that the UK’s single centralised paediatric trans healthcare service, the NHS Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) in London, be shut down and replaced by regionalised hubs to provide timelier and more appropriate care (Brooks, 2022).

This was widely misrepresented in international media (e.g., Bannerman, 2022; Ely & Dollimore, 2022; McLoughlin, 2022), at the instigation of anti-trans pressure groups (“The U.K. turns its back,” 2022; Transgender Trend, 2022; Women’s Forum Australia, 2022, etc.) as GIDS being shut down based on (the vague claim of) it being a danger to children.

On 5 August, an attempt was made to kill Canadian streamer Clara “keffals” Sorrenti, who is a trans woman, through “swatting” her (summoning armed police to her home) by calling in a false threat of mass murder in her name (Winslow, 2022). The harassment ultimately escalated to the point that Sorrenti was forced to flee to Europe (Wiggins, 2022).

On 19 August, The Australian published an interview with Oliver “Ollie” Hassett (then Ollie Davies), a detransitioner and activist (Robinson, 2019). They failed to mention that Mr Hassett was affiliated with Genspect (Hassett, 2022), an international anti-trans hate group (Moore, 2022).

On 30 August, the Report of the Inquiry into extremism in Victoria by the Victorian Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee was tabled in the Parliament of Victoria. The report noted transphobia as a path to radicalisation for Australian political extremists (ibid., p. 1), and “public debate” over trans existence as a significant factor in giving those extremists legitimacy (ibid., pp. 45–46).

On 5 October, the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism released a report classifying two anti-trans groups active in Australia, Binary Australia and LGB Alliance Australia, as extremist hate groups (Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, 2022).

On 6 September, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) published its Standards of care for the health of transgender and gender diverse people, version 8 (Coleman et al., 2022), or “SoC 8,” replacing version 7 (Coleman et al., 2012) after an interval of just over ten years.

The SoC 8 attracted controversy at launch, and indeed well before it, during the lengthy period of stakeholder feedback and review. One reason was that it launched with well-sourced, well-evidenced age limits for paediatric medical transition, and then retracted them, restoring a higher age limit for which there was no evidence, under political pressure and the threat of violence (Eckert, 2022). Another reason was that it claimed unearned authority over intersex people (Carpenter, 2021).

A third major reason was that it supported some of its claims with citations to publications (Littman, 2018; D’Angelo et al., 2020; Littman, 2021) which are methodologically unsound (Restar, 2019; Leveille, 2021) and from authors associated with anti-trans pressure groups, like the “Institute for Comprehensive Gender Dysphoria Research” (Jones, 2022) and the “Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine” (Moore, 2021).

On 17 October, the ABC’s Media Watch broadcast an episode, “ACON & the ABC” (Adams, 2022) which attracted immediate controversy because it was factually inaccurate (Rogers, 2022; Salmon & Sobieralski, 2022) and because multiple anti-trans activists took credit for its content. Conversely, multiple commentators wrote evidence-based pieces responding to the episode, including Melbourne-based analyst Eleanor Evenstar1 and me (Moreton, 2022).

On 29 October, UK media announced that new UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak intends to strip trans people of human rights protections under British law by amending the relevant parts of the Equality Act 2010 (Wakefield, 2022). Jo Maugham, director of the Good Law Project, a major trans-allied legal NGO, issued a public recommendation that trans people should leave England if they could (Maugham, 2022).

On 2 November, Bloomberg reported that Twitter’s new owner and incoming chief executive officer, Elon Musk, had directed staff to review the sections of Twitter’s hateful conduct policy which protect transgender people on the 238-million-user social media platform, with an eye to rewriting those sections or deleting them entirely (Riedel, 2022). Musk has a record of vocal transphobia (see, e.g., McHale, 2022) which has been examined in the context that his partner Grimes left him for activist and whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who is trans (Di Placido, 2022), and that his daughter, Vivian Wilson, came out as trans and disowned him (Saunders, 2022).

On 4 November, the State of Florida’s medical regulators voted to ban paediatric trans healthcare and forcibly terminate provision of care to any young trans people currently receiving it (Baisas, 2022). Significant concerns have been raised over the fact that the Florida state government, led by Governor Ron DeSantis, appears to have arranged the process from the word go to achieve a predetermined politically desirable conclusion (Luneau, 2022; Yurcaba, 2022a).

On 8 November, the United States held midterm elections for the whole US House of Representatives, one-third of the US Senate, 39 governorships, and various state and local elections. Analysts predicted a red wave election (Geraghty, 2022; Siracusa, 2022; etc.) — that is, a substantial victory for the right-wing Republican Party — but in the event, one failed to materialise (Alexander, 2022; Milligan, 2022; Smith, 2022).

The governing centrist Democratic Party will retain control of the Senate (“Democrats retain control of Senate,” 2022); the House of Representatives is likely to go Republican by a hair-thin margin, but may end up deadlocked (Bierman et al., 2022). Analysts have attributed Republicans’ underperformance, in part, to ignoring bread-and-butter issues in favour of constantly promoting anti-trans hate (e.g., Weigel, 2022). Meanwhile, several states elected their first transgender officeholders at county and/or state level (Childress, 2022; Duxter, 2022; Yurcaba, 2022b).

Overall impression

2021–2022 contained some bright spots for trans people, compared to the unremittingly horrible 2020–2021. However, the times that weren’t bright spots became even darker to compensate.


  1. I’ve elected not to cite Ms Evenstar’s piece here not out of disrespect, but because it was published on Twitter, which is expected to experience considerable downtime in the near future. If or when the piece is published elsewhere, I will cite it here.


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  1. I appreciate that you wrote this précis. So much is going on right now that it’s hard to keep track of political developments and this is a useful reference guide.


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