This is the authoritative list of accounts where you can reach me. If an account claims to be me and it actually is me, I will provide you with proof.

Archive of Our Own. eigenvectrix.


cohost. @epistemophagy.

Discord. eigenvectrix#5954.




GitHub. eigenvectrix.3

Instagram. eigenvectrix.

Ko-fi. epistemophagy.


Patreon. eigenvectrix.

Phone number. On request.

Spoutible. eigenvectrix.

Telegram. eigenvectrix.

tumblr. epistemophagy.

Twitch. eigenvectrix.



1 — Fediverse usernames that are hyperlinked and struck through point to accounts that I do not use (e.g., because I migrated) but which still existed when I last updated this page.

Usernames that are struck through, but are not hyperlinked, point to accounts that no longer exist (e.g., because the instance they were on has gone out of service).

Any other usernames are current and active.

2 — Also, this list may not be exhaustive, not out of an intention to deceive or conceal, but because I merged like half a dozen abortive previous accounts when I initially started using Mastodon and I don’t remember all of them.

3 — I don’t have a technically inclined bone in my body. This is to make it easier to nag for things.