Master post: Contact details

I am writing on 6 November 2022 and I have every reason to suspect Twitter is going to become completely inoperable for my purposes within the next couple of months.

This is the authoritative list of accounts elsewhere that are me. If an account claims to be me and it actually is me, I will prove it by updating this list and informing you that I did so.

Cohost. @epistemophagy.

Discord. eigenvectrix#5954.

Email. I have one additional email address, but you’ll know.

Facebook. Isabelle C.B. Moreton (public page).

Instagram. @eigenvectrix.

Ko-fi. epistemophagy.


Patreon. eigenvectrix (Isabelle Moreton).

Phone number. On request (+61).

Telegram. eigenvectrix.

Tumblr. epistemophagy.

Twitch. eigenvectrix.

Twitter. @eigenvectrix. @epistemophagy. @noscabiblica.

WordPress. This blog.

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