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Who taught us transphobia, and what the fuck is going on?

Typically, in the citation style I am using here — APA 7 style — sources would be sorted in alphabetical order by author surname, then by date of publication. However, I have opted to use two different sort orders, detailed below.

The citation to Estrada (2012) is to the paper itself via, in the interests of accessibility. Given Sci-Hub’s legally contested status, the link will likely be dead before the end of 2021. However, sufficient information remains available that a future reader should be able to track down the original paper and possibly access it through another Sci-Hub mirror or similar website.

Evidence of trans people’s existence before modern institutional transphobia

Sources in this section are sorted roughly by the historical era of the person or people whom they examine.

Morgan, C. (2017, May 2). Evidence for trans lives in Sumer. Notches.

Ball, S. (2017, November 11). The chill Roman priests who worshipped a goddess and castrated themselves. Vice.

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Gabbatt, A. (2017, August 22). What trans soldier Albert Cashier can teach Trump about patriotism. The Guardian.

Riedel, S. (2019, February 27). James Barry is not your Rorschach test. Them.

Who is currently creating transphobia?

Sources in this section are sorted by date of publication without respect to author surname.

Leveson Report: Press has failed to respect the dignity of trans people (2012, November 29). PinkNews.

Kaveney, R. (2017, December 5). Transphobia is the latest weapon in a raging culture war. red pepper.

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Duffy, N. (2020, September 29). Liz Truss lavished praise on anti-trans think tank Heritage Foundation just weeks before equalities minister appointment. PinkNews.

Butterworth, B. (2020, October 30). BBC staff told attending LGBT pride protests in any capacity can breach new impartiality rules. i news.

Wells, V.S. (2021, January 20). British media is increasingly transphobic. Here’s why. Xtra.

Karijo, A. (2021, March 31). Stop imposing your imperialist Western transphobia on my people. openDemocracy.

Parsons, V. (2021, March 31). Transphobia in Commonwealth countries is an injustice left over from British colonialism. It’s time we addressed it. PinkNews.

Hughson, G. (2021, May 27). Who’s financing the ‘anti-gender’ movement in Europe?. NAM News & Opinion.

Wilson-McDonald, A.N. (2021, June 7). Eastern Europe’s anti-gender movement and what it means for America. Ms magazine.

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